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With increasingly more operators and contractors resorting to an aerial perspective of their corridor, our drone solutions provide the accuracy of maps with the immediacy of aerial videography for project management and design engineering to be dynamic.

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Railways are synonymous with scale and history, however optimizing drone's for transports as aging infrastructure gets upgraded and new miles are added, digitizing, monitoring and inspecting these assets require a more dynamic and efficient solution. Railways are the past, present and future corridors of development. Managing and planning railway projects for freight and carriage corridors as they cross extensive and remote landscapes involve understanding topography, extensive inspection, and monitoring that is beyond the capacity of practicality or quality using traditional means.


Airpix provides an economical, reliable and safe solution for Roads and HighwaySurvey using unmanned aerial vehicles. Using Remotely piloted aerial drone for a large project can be monitored in a day. Unlike conventional ground-based monitoring techniques, Airpix's solution is fast and offers very high-resolution visual information. Otherwise Inaccessible areas can now be monitored in a matter of minutes using Airpix's packaged services. We provide you with a detailed digital surface model(DSM/DEM) with a grid size of under 10cm X 10cm X 10cm and a very high-resolution Orthophoto that enables you to see every detail of the site and also make it possible to measure distances or areas on the site.

Highway Survey
airport survey


Combining near real-time video monitoring with high-resolution geospatial inputs, we provide the perfect drone-based solution for useful studies and Detailed Project Reports, project monitoring and level comparison on one platform for project planners, design engineers, and project management consultants to collaborate and get things done.

What we offer


Drone solutions automate analysis of railway routes with essential ground features, 3-D models of station areas and buildings, estimate cut/fill volumes and allow project managers and site engineers to co-ordinate actions.


With real-time aerial videography and mapping inputs, railway engineering teams can track maintenance, monitor assets on the yard and block section and, physical progress of construction projects


Our drone solution enhances understanding of defects in track conditions, inspection for encroachment, tree-passing, condition of signaling equipment, and power supply systems with the use of high accuracy thermal and visual analytics.

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