Inspection and Analysis

AIRPIX provides detailed and quick drone inspection for critical asset infrastructure. Our fleet of drones and drone pilots across the country can be deployed on a short notice. We have inspected more than 400 wind turbine blades, about 300km transmission line and many flare stacks, chimneys and pipelines for oil and gas industry. Drone Inspection is carried out by both RGB and thermal sensors to detect visual defects and damages proving to be one of the fastest means of non-destructive testing of critical assets. RGB sensors include high resolution zoom cameras and thermal sensors include Flir 336, Flir 640, XT2 and more.

The inspected data is then collated and an autonomous report is generated giving details on defect wise distribution, level of severity and asset wise information. Clients get access to our cloud based platform to review the entire report and a summary is available on easy to interpret dashboard. The images of the defects observed are linked with the respective assets and the entire report can be downloaded, shared with collaeagues & contractors and actions taken can be recorded.

In certain cases, we have helped our clients achieve upto 4x faster inspection compared to their old conventional methods, helped them reduce the critical asset downtime and avoid risk to human life.

We carefully do planning by reviewing area where the survey has to be drone, the drone flies over the area collects data. An analysis is then perofrmed on the inspection done. Various insights can be drawn and defects can thereby be rectified effeciently.







Output Data


Inspection And Monitoring Application

Drone Images

High resolution drone Images of inaccessible areas of critical assets are captured using high endurance drones by professional drone pilots. The RGB + Thermal data helps clients to analyze asset health in operational and in under load conditions. Our drone inspection services include wind turbine inspection, transmission tower inspection, oil & gas inspection and solar panel inspection

Drone Videos

Drone videos help in taking a quick overview of assets and for plant area surveillance. Drone videos can also be of critical help during major plant shutdown wherein it can help to monitor and coordinate the entire activity in order to avoid bottlenecks, improve safety and avoid hazards & accidents. Our drone video platform helps easy uploading, editing, tagging critical information and colllaborating with teams.

Industries Served

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