Airpix has developed products that are cost-effective and time convenient which cater to accurate results. Our products are always accessible and can sustain in harsh conditions. Hybrid VTOL & Cleaning Robots for wind turbines add many possibilities where many products fail. At Airpix we offer enterprise drone aerial mapping products that capture high-resolution three-dimensional terrain measurements with precision and accuracy. Our products and solution are vertically integrated to add value to the agriculture, utilities, construction, and energy industries. Airpix’s drone surveying service is a full end-to-end solution where Airpix’s licensed UAV pilots conduct the surveys, we process all the data in-house, and then delivers actionable data and media to our customers.

Hybrid VTOL for Surveying

Hybrid VTOLs are next-generation UAV drones. They combine the benefits of Multi-Rotor and efficiency of Planes while allowing us to transition between two modes during flight. The Airpix Drone is a Twin Rotor, tailsitter VTOL. Its ability to take off vertically allows it to operate from any location. Its fixed-wing design increases its flight time and helps in covering larger distances.
While other conventional VTOLs need four motors to take off and land, Airpix’s Drone eliminates the need for carrying extra motors and weight. It also reduces the possibility of mechanical failures. Its ability to fly like a conventional plane and reduced weight increase its endurance. The Airpix Drone has a wide spectrum of applications, from surveying to surveillance.

Cleaning Robot for Wind Turbines

With time dirt gets accumulated on the surface of wind turbine blades. Dirt covering blade affects its aerodynamic efficiency that results in a lower energy production rate. Due to this wind turbine needs to be cleaned at regular interval of time. Wind turbine cleaning and maintenance require cranes and personnel to service it. Cleaning of blades at heights near the hub and middle part of blades become difficult and risky. Drone technology has evolved in past years to overcome these shortcomings of cleaning, airpix has developed a robot that can clean wind turbine blades at an efficient rate.
The robot carries a chassis of water ejecting at all sides of the blade surface. This chassis is carried by a robot that loops around the tower and goes upward with the help of actuators. The robot carries a water pipe with it that goes to the water ejector assembly. The whole system is supervised by a personnel on the ground.

Industries Served

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