Video analytics for interactive Drone and Survey reports

With worksyte our video analytics software, you can tag & track objects, insert data, collaborate, locate data interactively and share rich survey report


Effortlessly Tag and Track

  • Choose Text or Box label to tag objects
  • Assign attributes based on object and feature type
  • Attach description
  • Object is tracked as the video plays

Share and Collaborate faster

  • Share workspace with team members or customers
  • Assign access roles, edit efficiently as a team
  • Effectively communicate ideas, decisions and tasks over the shared workspace
  • Conveniently deliver information-rich video projects

Locate stuff interactively

  • Search by keyword or browse through list of tagged items
  • Click an item and jump to its corresponding video section
  • Navigate interactively through the video by clicking items

Worksyte Video analytics helps increase efficiency and productivity across multiple sectors

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Share progress of your construction site with all stake holders. Leave no room for guessing by adding detailed insights for various elements in the video.

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Real Estate

There is no better way of gaining trust of your buyers than showing them insightful videos of their project regularly and keeping them updated with their investments.

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Industrial Inspections

Save precious time while investigating inspection footage. The search and locate feature on our platform allows the user to click and navigate to objects.

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Anazlyze videos of insured assets with annotations and descriptors of damages and claims. Increase accuracy and speed of claim settlement.

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