Wind energy is the fastest-growing energy technology worldwide. Laws enacted in most Indian states require energy companies to provide a portion of their energy from renewable sources. Wind turbines can offer clean and reliable electricity that can be highly competitive with other energy sources. According to the National Institute of Wind Energy (NIWE), Wind power accounts for nearly 10% of India's total installed power generation capacity and generated 62.03 TWh in the fiscal year of 2018-19, which is mostly 4% of total electricity generation. Wind energy trends are changing, especially in India. As its approval, more emphasis is being placed on operational reliability, maintenance, safety, and overall efficiency. More regulations are in place to assure that operational safety and reliability factors are in check.
Airpix provides automated wind turbine blade inspection services that enable to track and monitor the health of their wind turbines with automatic robotic inspection by advanced, autonomous drones. The solutions offer cost and time savings and deliver precise, high quality, easy-to-access data with minimal disruption. With a focus on safety, speed, and quality, Airpix offers a repeatable, reliable and robust blade inspection service.

An automated aerial inspection offered by Airpix is conducted as follows:

Inspections are initiated with the single push of a button. While inspecting turbines in real-time, the drone generates a flight path to optimally capture inspection images from all three blades in a single flight. Mapping information is correlated to images for precise damage measurements.
Since Airpix facilitates end-to-end automation, a single inspection can be conducted in less than 15 minutes, Speed and scalability drive down customer costs and produce high-resolution data that enables quick repair scheduling and continuity between inspections. Airpix management allows its users to manage and analyze their inspection data in one collaborative space.

Airpix Proprietary Technology

The Airpix system utilizes the fact that the internal structure of a wind turbine blade heats and cools at different rates. By aligning these minute differences using a highly practical, specially calibrated infrared camera on our drones, we can gather this information rapidly, needing the turbine to be stopped for only minutes instead of hours. Inspect up to 15 cm in a wind turbine blade Identify issues as small as 4 mm Using thermal energy from wind friction to allow for high-resolution thermography Visualizing layers of lamination and beam structure inside the wind turbine blade for in-depth inspection of the blade structure With our proprietary drone technology, we have the capability to look for bad bonding, delamination, lightning strikes, damages, and structural defects. Unique and proven technology for enhanced wind turbine performance.

Airpix Proprietary Drone

Airpix Asset Management

We upload the gathered data to our central processing facilities where the data is monitored, manipulated and interpreted. The result is a detailed, easy to understand report that includes an x-ray like an image of the blade.

The impact generated by Airpix Drones in Wind Turbine Inspections

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