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Drone Inspection Services for Powerlines and transmission towers are assets that require constant maintenance and diagnosis to ensure minimal loss of energy. Airpix effective drone solutions provide a better way to reduce the losses that this energy produces and transfers.

Powerline Telecommunication

Drone Inspection Services for Powerline and Transmission Tower

The conventional methods of surveying include walkover surveys, prior surveys, and detailed surveys, all of which take a considerable amount of time and manpower. These are manual methods and there is always a risk that the results do not accurately reflect the details on the ground. On the other hand, modern surveying techniques leverage the latest technologies for mapping and aerial monitoring and reduce the possibility of error.

The twin pillars of a growing digital economy are energy and information. Drone technologies make sure essential power infrastructure supports us uninterrupted With our drone solution, surveys can be carried out through the field for optimizing roads, digitizing property and collecting elevation data. This is provided on a single platform, which enables power lines and transmission towers to be maintained and inspected using high-resolution video and drone data.

transmission tower
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Powerlines and cell towers are more critical than roads and railways for connecting people as they shed light on modernization and knowledge. However, the inspection and monitoring of lattice towers and powerlines across remote terrain continues to remain a critical challenge to ensure we stay connected to spread the light.

What we offer


Our drone solutions make use of drone surveys to plan and digitize powerlines and lattice towers, understand asset aging to offer insights for optimizing maintenance checks, emergency inspection, asset management, and surveillance.


Web-based platforms allow maintenance teams to use analysis for powerline and transmission line management, problem detection, understanding surrounding topography for construction of pile on and towers using accurate geo-spatial data


Once the pile on, transmission lines and cell towers are installed drone solutions use visual and thermal payloads to understand delivery shortfalls, isolate energy and transmission loss, find corrosion and defective components.

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