UAV and Drone Data Processing

The concept of working on drone data has recently made waves in the geospatial sector, professionals have realized the reliability and cost-effectiveness of data collected using a drone in a safe manner. Land surveyors, in particular, are getting exposed to more options that a drone is providing them. Having said all that, a major factor of effectively using data collected by a drone is processing it efficiently. Gathering data using drones might just take a flight but processing it and making it actionable is yet another story.

Airpix has unique expertise that covers the whole value chain. For each application (geomatics, agriculture, powerlines, oil and gas, mines…) we have a dedicated team offering proven expertise combined with specific in-house tools. A full range of resources to guarantee professional, survey-grade deliverables that you need to make the right decisions in the field.







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2D & 3D Feature Extraction

Airpix is an industry leader in the development of innovative methods for the extraction of valuable information from base map data.

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3D Building Reconstruction

3D construction models are useful for many purposes, including urban planning and modeling of the environment, cartography, tourism, and smartphone navigation.

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Contour Mapping

Contour lines are developed by connecting all the points of similar elevation together.Contour lines form a smooth curve of the same elevation points.

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Gis Mapping

Maps are the first need for the beginning of any Engineering Projects, from small construction work to big mining and infrastructure projects.

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Digital Elevation Model i.e. (DEM) is the digital portrayal of the land surface elevation with consideration to any reference data.

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UAV imagery and Drone photography, as well as GIS data acquisition and orthorectification, play an important role in general mapping.

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