Allocation, site safety and traffic control.

Traffic surveys seek to accurately capture data that reflects the real-world traffic situation in the region. For example, it may be counting the number of vehicles using a road or collecting travel time information but there are many other forms of data collected through traffic surveys.

In the past, this has involved having people standing on the side of roads and recording their observations on paper pads. This approach has been largely replaced in recent years by monitoring traffic using video cameras and then analyzing the video footage later in the office. For faster Internet speeds now accessible, some traffic information collection companies have agreed to have their video traffic surveys counted (or listed) by Indian companies


This traffic data was collected from Kalamboli and Pune. This platform basically allows numerical data to be efficiently collected from MP4 videos.
It was created with the traffic data collection industry in mind, as this is the domain in which our company has the most experience. The technology, however, can be applied across any industry that requires the collection of data from video footage.

A few examples for which this works well are:


To interview responsible program managers or personnel and discuss the details of the traffic monitoring data program, each of the selected areas was visited. Information on institutional arrangements, organization, staffing, data sharing, costs, objectives, procedures, data processing, data collection equipment, etc. were considered.

The examination ensured the successes achieved and difficulty surmounted in the collection of reliable information. Since it is expected that traffic data within an urban area may be collected by a variety of organizations, the interaction, cooperation, arrangements, agreements, and sharing of data which also involved different entities. Due to the need for traffic information to support urban development requirements, estimates of vehicle miles of travel, and the Highway Performance Monitoring The system, the link between the traffic data collected and its use in these programs was emphasized.

What We Have Done In This Project?

In this project, our main mission was collecting traffic data from highways, main roads and petrol pump. With aiming to capture data that accurately reflects the real world traffic situation in India.
This type of survey occur over a timeframe to show the work progress. Airpix has developed vehicle detection technology. It includes the count of vehicle, classification of vehicle and spotting the number plate. With the help of AIML the module works, detects the vehicle and further process it. This ability to detect vehicle offers significant advantages for resource allocation, site safety and traffic control.

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