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Since 2013, Airpix offers professional drone photography services and also pioneered in building 360 virtual tours and HD videos using drone technology and remote imaging, we tend to choose the most effective position for every shot based on time of day and position of the sun. we have a tendency to take stunning aerial photos from that location and post-processes these using specialist software package to make ‘equirectangular’ pictures.

These drone pictures permit the viewer to ascertain an oversized space at a look, whether or not it's a happening, hotel, vacation park, golf club or outside activity center. These pictures may be revealed in an exceeding style of formats, from a totally customizable interactive tour at intervals an internet site, or as interactive pictures at intervals social media.

Aerial 360 tours

Using a multi-rotor UAV, we capture and integrate high-resolution spherical panoramas with vital ' info-graphics ' to give the user an interactive and informative aerial tour around a location. These tours make it possible for a user to experience a location anytime anyplace on digital platforms like PCs, tablets or mobile phones. We take extreme care to configure the 360 virtual tour for the final application in order to present the location in the best possible way.

Drone Photography

Airpix helps you to get breath-taking aerial shots quickly and cost-effectively, drone photography is not just any picture from mid-air; it is about capturing a view from the correct aspect and highlighting the subject with the required context and details. With our experienced team of UAV experts and Specialized Drones.

Aerial Cinematography

Speed, angle, camera, height – all matter when you are shooting a drone video and our UAV pilots, over the years, have comprehended in all these parameters when it comes to Aerial videography using drones. Be it advertising, documentaries, feature films, corporate reels, or events – It’s not just the content, but the way it’s captured, that counts. And you can count on us to get it right!

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