Drones are fundamentally changing the way surveyors collect data, making daily operations quicker, easier, and more cost-effective compared to traditional methods of surveying.

There has never been a better or simpler way to get yourself Drones when it comes to aerial surveying and inspections. Drones are revolutionizing the way surveyors collect data. They make daily operations faster, and more cost-effective. We are currently seeing more and more case studies demonstrating much greater efficiency from using drone technology than traditional methods.


Airpix offered a topographic survey, that can frequently inspect and monitor the development work since it gives the client with clear imagery of the survey area. Bidkin is a large village in Pathan taluka of Aurangabad district, Maharashtra. It is located 27 km from its Taluka, Paithan.

Main Objective

Airpix Asset Management

We upload the collected data to our central processing facilities to track, analyze and interpret the data. The result is a detailed, easy to understand report that includes detail information.

An automated Drone Survey applications offered by Airpix is conducted as follows:

Surveys are initiated with the single push of a button. While surveying land in real-time, the drone generates a flight path to optimally capture data from all areas in a single flight. For accurate damage measurements, mapping data is correlated to images.

Since Airpix facilitates end-to-end automation, a single survey can be conducted in less than 30 minutes, Speed and scalability drive down customer costs and produce high-resolution data that enables quick repair scheduling and continuity between missions. Airpix management allows its users to manage and analyze their data in one collaborative space.

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