UAV Inspection And Monitoring
  • Introduction
  • Close Inspection Of Critical Infrastructure
  • Long Range Monitoring


By deploying UAVs for collecting data in situations potentially hazardous to human life, we eliminate health and safety risks posed while inspecting critical infrastructure or scouting remote/disaster struck areas. Reducing overall costs and improving safety, our services facilitate fast acquisition of high quality data to provide valuable insights to industries and government bodies in terms of preventive maintenance and emergency response planning.

Close Inspection Of Critical Infrastructure

We fly custom-built multirotor UAVs a mere few meters away from the structure of interest and capture highly detailed photographs of critical assets like wind turbines, flare stacks, transmission towers, etc. both onshore and offshore. Our inspection methods are much faster as compared to industrial climbers or man lifts and require minimal or no downtime resulting in enormous savings.The high level of detail of the inspection imagery allows for accurate identificationof defects and evaluation of structural integrity.Coupled with remote access cloud storage, our inspection reports provide a robust platform forefficient preventive maintenance at highly reduced costs and risks.

Long Range Monitoring

Our long range fixed wing UAVs scout several kilometres in each flight and gather imagery for monitoring long distance infrastructure like pipelines and power lines. Periodic data collection enables comparison between current and historic datasets for detecting abnormalities or encroachments and taking necessary actions to prevent potential complications. Data can also be collected in case of emergencies or accidents to get an appropriate assessment of the situation and plan response operations more efficiently.

  • Onshore and Offshore structural inspections
  • Live flare inspections
  • Emergency Inspections
  • Oil and Gas pipeline monitoring and anomaly detection
  • Elevated cable trays and pipe racks
  • Chimneys, storage tanks and cooling towers
  • Wind turbine inspections
  • Solar panel inspection
  • Transmission line monitoring
  • Transmission tower, health assessment of conductors and insulators
  • Pipeline monitoring
  • Inspection of bridges other elevated infrastructure
  • Inspection of offshore structures
  • Post Disaster monitoring and damage assessment
  • Relief operations planning
  • Fire scene response and inspections
  • Accident response and documentation
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