Railway Project Monitoring Using Drone

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India has the largest railway network in Asia.With the growing industrial development and population, the role of railways in transportation is going to be crucial for the coming years. The problem associated with rapid expansion of railway network in the country has been the slow progress of the projects due to hindrances at site such as delay in land acquisition, illegal encroachment etc. Such problems are better discussed and resolved when you have visual data like photos or videos of the project site.UAVs offer a great tool to capture the project visuals quickly and easily. The imagery / video collected using an UAV is up to date and provides oblique information about the site unlike satellite imagery. The high resolution imagery / videography and the accurately processed outputs help to capture & measure the actual status of the project without having to physically visit the site. The periodic data capture also helps to monitor the changes at the project site and also highlight any major hindrances to the project.

Airpix provides a comprehensive solution to Indian Railways catering to Project Progress monitoring , Project Planning and Project Construction. Our experienced data collection and planning team ensures the site work is completed swiftly and with utmost safety without compromising on quality of collected data.Our experienced Data processing and GIS engineers make sure that the clients get most out the data collected.

Our Deliverables

  1. High resolution Video capture of the Project ( 4K resolution ).
  2. Comprehensive Video of the entire project with important information overlaid on the video.
  3. High resolution ortho photo of the project (~ 2 cm / pix ).
  4. Digital Surface / Terrain Model of the project.
  5. GIS ( CAD Drawing ) 2D / 3D feature extraction of the project based on High resolution ortho photo.
  6. 3D Reconstructed model of the entire project which could be used for volume and distance measurements.
  7. Google Earth compatible file with project data overlay.

fig 1 :- GIS layer on Google earth overlayed on high reolution visual data captured by drone.

aerial topographic survey drone airpix

fig 2 :- Project Monitoring using drone.

Some of our use cases include

  1. Monitoring project progress of under construction Railway line
  2. Survey of Proposed Railway alignment for obstructions and land acquisition
  3. Generation of CAD drawing of already existing stations / Yards

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