Railway Project Monitoring Using Drone

aerial topographic survey drone airpix

Airpix provides economic, reliable and safe solution for Project Monitoring using unmanned aerial vehicles. Using Remotely piloted aerial vehicles a large Project can be monitored in a day. Unlike traditional ground based monitoring techniques Airpix's solution is fast and offers very high resolution visual information. Otherwise Inaccessible areas can now be monitored in a matter of minutes using Airpix's packaged solution. We provide you with a detailed Digital surface model(DSM/DEM) with a grid size of under 10cm X 10cm X 10cm and very high resolution Orthophoto that enables you to see every detail of the site and also make it possible to measure distances or areas on the site.

aerial topographic survey drone airpix

fig 1 :- GIS layer on Google earth overlayed on high reolution visual data captured by drone.

The processed data is further made compatible with Google Earth and integrated with vital information and Geographic information System - this empowers you with a decision making tool right on your desktop without even required to visit the site physically

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